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Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as 'pinning' on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others' boards (i.e. a collection of 'pins,' usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. Using a visual orientation, Pinterest allows you to share your tastes and interests with others while discovering those of likeminded people. 

Tooltron is now using Pinterest to help you visually understand the wide range of products available to you via its safe and secure online store.  For your ease of browsing, here are the 33 Boards (individual categories) containing 499 Pins (individual products):

  1. Tooltron Quilting: Scissors, Tweezers and Awls
  2. Tooltron Quilting: Rotary Cutters, Blades and Organizers
  3. Tooltron Quilting: Needles, Pins and Thimbles
  4. Tooltron Quilting: Threaders, Stilettos and Seam Rippers
  5. Tooltron Quilting: Bias, Fusible Web and Irons
  6. Tooltron Quilting: Tape Measures, Rulers and Brushes
  7. Tooltron Quilting: Pom-Pom & Yo-Yo Makers, Clip Sets and Gloves
  8. Tooltron Quilting: Magnifiers and Lights
  9. Tooltron Quilting: Threads, Fixatives and Embellishments
  10. Tooltron Quilting: Marking Tools and Sharpeners
  11. Tooltron Quilting: Embroidery Hoops and Lap Stands 
  12. Tooltron Quilting: Other Quilt Gadgets
  13. Tooltron Quilting: Rainbow Series
  14. Tooltron Sewing: Fabric Scissors
  15. Tooltron Sewing: Decorative Scissors
  16. Tooltron Sewing: Left-Hand Tools
  17. Tooltron Sewing: Needleart Scissors
  18. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Beads
  19. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Brushes, Cements and Gloves
  20. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Clamps, Pliers and Crimpers
  21. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Cord and Lace
  22. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Measuring Instruments
  23. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Needles, Awls and Mandrels
  24. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Organizers
  25. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Tools
  26. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Tweezers and Forceps
  27. Tooltron Beading & Jewelry: Wire
  28. Tooltron Hobby and Craft Tools
  29. Tooltron Scrapbooking Tools
  30. Tooltron Fishing: Clamps and Pliers
  31. Tooltron Fishing: Sport and Fly Fishing
  32. Tooltron Pet Supplies
  33. Tooltron Health and Beauty Supplies
  34. Tooltron Blog
  35. Tooltron Precision Instruments

If you have a Pinterest account, please be sure to "pin" our products to your account; or use the social features of Pinterest to let your friends (on Facebook and Twitter) know about our new Pinterest Boards (categories) and Pins (products).


Here is a quick visual to our Pinterest Boards and Pins.  Check it out...


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