Tooltron Brand




Product Development Timeline of Notable Products

Tooltron was the first to develop several unique scissors for the needleart, quilting and sewing markets:

  • 1987: Tooltron introduced its Snip-a-Stitch and Angle Kut Scissors
  • 1988: Tooltron introduced its Slant & Kut, and Lace-Appliqué Scissors
  • 1989: Tooltron introduced its small (2 ½” & 3 ½”) version scissors
  • 1991: Tooltron was the first to introduce Swarovski crystal on screweyes of     scissors in the US market
  • 1995: Tooltron introduced the world’s smallest pliers – its 3-Piece Mini-Plier Set
  • 1997: Tooltron introduced copyrighted, floral-silkscreen Italian scissors. This product innovation spawned lots of imitation in the marketplace
  • 1998: Tooltron introduced color acrylic handles on its collection of stainless craft scissors that quickly became a favorite for craft stores worldwide
  • 1999: Tooltron introduced its Easy-Kut Scissors
  • 2001: Tooltron was the first to introduce large loop scissors for large or arthritic fingers
  • 2002: Tooltron was the first to introduce titanium scissors to the US market
  • 2003: Tooltron introduced its line of titanium-oxide, blunt-end safety scissors that prevents blades from poking and damaging materials and/or self
  • 2003: Tooltron introduced its Angled Chenille scissors
  • 2004: Tooltron introduced its Ergo Squeezee Long Arm scissors
  • 2005: Tooltron introduced its Rainbow Scissors Collection
  • 2010: Tooltron introduced its Sidehopper Scissors
  • 2013: Tooltron Introduced Its Animal Scissors: Stork, Rabbit, Chanticleer
  • 2015: Tooltron Introduced Its Animal Scissors: Penguin and Lady Bug
  • 2016: Tooltron Introduced Its Animal Scissors: Hummingbird and Dolphin 
  • 2016-- Tooltron adds to its products a finger pressor with multiple uses
  • 2017-- Tooltron creates a suction ruler template grip
  • 2018-- Tooltron adds New retractable seam ripper
  • 2019-- Tooltron adds to its product line a NEW Portable thread stand, compact, fits into purse, weights less than 8 ozs.

    New products are always on the cutting edge for Tooltron's team of creative designers who recently added their inspiration by producing a new line of beading and jewelry tools. Because of these product innovations, the Tooltron brand is well-recognized and a favorite of quilting enthusiasts around the world -– serving the interest of quilters and crafters in over 32 countries.



Industry Support

Tooltron is a member of over six professional organizations.  Several of which are:

  • American Pet Product Manufacturing Association (APPMA)
  • Hobby Industry of America (HIA)
  • American Sportfishing Association (ASA)
  • Society of Home and Office products Association (SHOPA)

Our active membership in these associations insures that Tooltron Industries will always be in the forefront of industry trends.

Tooltron has been featured in several magazines including CNA, Craftrends, Needlework and McCall's Quick-Quilts. (click here to view articles...)


Tooltron Mission - Consumer Pricing Leadership 

Tooltron is an import/export manufacturer and master distributor offering customers the lowest prices and the convenience of buying direct via a secure Ecommerce environment.Tooltron Industries, Inc. is a leader in private labeling and impacts pricing mechanisms worldwide via tool forging exchange programs that have the effect of lowering cost of manufacturing and resultant suggested retail pricing. Mindful of customer needs, Tooltron has always controlled its price points and quality to insure its industry-leading price/quality position.Offering incentive discounts for teachers and demonstrators who introduce the products worldwide, Tooltron will continue to help strengthen the industry.


The Environment: Recycled Steel and Recycled Paper 

Steel is a unique material because it always contains recycled steel. Each year, millions of tons of pre and post-consumer steel products, including used steel cans, appliances, automobiles and construction materials, are recycled by steel mills into every ton of new steel produced.Tooltron is committed to the stewardship of our earth’s resources. It uses recycled steel in its manufacturing process that meets all industry standards. It uses recycled paper in its packaging design strategies.