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 Scissors For Any Fingers

 Cutting can be uncomfortable enough without having to smoosh your fingers into inconveniently small scissor handles. The Open Ring Scissors by Tooltron accommodate any size fingers, plus their other features make them an appealing notion for sewing, embroidery, and fiber arts. The scissors are suited for close cutting tasks, with an overall length of 4 inches and 1-inch-long, slim blades are serrated to gently grip materials. The open "rings", or hook-shaped handles, are coated with a nonslip vinyl coating. ToolTron.com; 6.95


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Jump-Stitch Cutters

When doing machine embroidery with multiple colors or sections, you end up with many jump stitches that must be cut away. It's challenging to get the points of regular scissors close to the fabric surface to trim short threads. The Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissors from Tooltron are designed to trim threads without damaging the fabric or surrounding stitches. The angled blades are sharp and narrow to fit into the smallest stitches. Instead of finger holes, the scissors have a wing-cut design--just squeeze to close the blades. The scissors have a protective blade cover and are available in pink or green.


American Quilt Retailer (May 2010 Issue)

Cute, small and Precise...

The Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissor will cut the smallest of small stitches.  Made of stainless steel with no finger holes, it works with two small "wings".  Pinch them and snip, snip.  These are by Tooltron Industries, Inc., makers of specialty tools for quilting, needleart, jewelry, beading, scrapbooking, pets and fishing.

McCall's Quilting May/June 2010 Issue: The Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissor from Tooltron Industries snips even the tiniest stitches easily.  It has stainless steel blades and comes in silver, pastel pink, or pastel green, all with a lifetime guarantee. 

QuiltMaker - March/April, 2007:Renaissance Needleart Scissors - "You may find a new favorite when you try the Tooltron Rainbow Designer Series 3 1/2" Renaissance Needleart Scissors."

Needlework Retailer: Sept/Oct 2005Rainbow Safety Scissors - "These safety scissors have a titanium oxide finish.  the blunt nib end prevents blade from poking and damaging materials.  Includes free leather sheath."

Needlework Retailer: March/April 2005:  Rainbow Designer Series - "Tooltron has introduced four new scissors as well as their original Easykut Spring Action Scissors in new rainbow colors!  The colorful titanium oxide particles adhere to the scissors in a closed chamber.  the poly-vapor process produces a beautiful rainbow color finish and gives the scissors added strength, better shearing and longer lasting blade life."

WhatchaMcCall's-it: Safety Scissor with Blunt End- "No more leaving your stitching projects at home.  These blunt-tipped scissors can travel on the plane with you!  Not only are they colorful, but they're also perfect for all small cutting tasks."

CNA: The Tool Box: Sept 2002: Black Titanium Finish Scissors - "A compact 31/2" in length, these distinctive scissors with a black titanium finish are set off with a Blue Sapphire Swarovski™ Crystal embedded in the screw head.  Stitchers love them for close detail work of embroidery, cross stitching, fine needlepoint, and even clipping threads at the sewing machine.  The quality steel construction give durability, long life and precision cutting to tips."

Needle Pointers: March 2001: Fine Italian Sew Scissors - "An  ANG member wrote me that she had developed arthritis, and while she could hold her needles, using regular embroidery scissors was difficult because the finger rings were too small for her swollen fingers.  I was delighted I could help her find a scissor more comfortable for her to use.  Possibly you have the same problem, or perhaps you just have large hands.  Either way, I think you'll like Fine Italian Sew Scissors.

They are a 31/2" scissor, made of quality stainless steel, and have gold handles for a bit of added appeal.  I found them to be very sharp right to the tip.  Thus, they can clip even the shortest thread tail.  Fine Italian Sew Scissors also have a lifetime guarantee against defective materials or workmanship, and they're relatively inexpensive.  They are a good, basic scissor that would be of use to anyone who stitches, or sews, or needs to make precise cuts.

The best thing about them is the size of the finger rings.  When I measured the finger loops on my regular scissors, I found that they are 5/8" in diameter.  The loops on the Italian Sew Scissors are 7/8" in diameter.  That extra width may not seem like much, but it makes a wonderful difference for those with swollen or large fingers.  They might be just the item to make your stitching more enjoyable, too.  We reach for our scissors so often when we're stitching, it's not fun to have them hurt!"

Sewing & Quilting Retailer: A CNA Supplement for Specialty Retailing: "Tooltron offers a wide selection of cutting implements for needle artists and scissors ranging from contemporary to vintage items.  Vintage looks include Italian-made scissors such as the 4" Chanticleer Scissors , a European design with a gold finish.  Also available is the 3 1/2" Fine Italian Ruby-Eyed Stork Scissors accented with Swarovski crystal."

Craftrends: Product Showcase: New large Loop Italian Embroidery Scissors - "Beautifully styled Italian Embroidery scissor is ideal for cross stitching, needleart, needlepoint and embroidery.  Designed with larger loops for those individuals who have larger fingers and suffer from arthritis.  The precision workmanship of these scissors will allow you to cut to the tip for those hard to reach areas."

Quilting & Embroidery Magazine - Summer 2008: "User-friendly features abound on the 4" Easy Kut Spring Action Tension Scissors from Tooltron Industries.  The ergonomic design of these feather-weight snippers with reverse action works equally for right -or-left-hand use.  Extremely sharp curved blades reduce hand fatigue.  Trimming - no longer a chore to abhor!"