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Jewelry and Beading Cord and Lace

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  • Sof Suede Lace

    Sof Suede Lace

    Soft suede supple leather.  Slide charms, pendants and other accessories to make bracelets.  Tanned and made in USA.  Size: 3/32 x 2 yds.  Comes in six colors.

    MSRP: $2.49
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  • Silk & Nylon Bead Cord

    Silk and Nylon Bead Cord

    Silk:Natural silk is the traditional stringing material used by beaders for centuries.  Available in black and white colors. Nylon:Poly nylon is a strong, fray-resistant, knottable stringing material.  It's twice as strong and has half the...

    $1.99 - $2.97
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